Prof. Ndavi in Belgium attending the ICRH, ANSER Launch

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Thu, 2016-12-01 13:34
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ACCAF was pleased to honour an invitation by the International Centre for Reproductive Health 
(ICRH) to participate, firstly, the launch of the Academic Network on Sexual and Reproductive 
Health and Rights Policy(ANSER) and, secondly, at the International symposium on " Sexual and 
Reproductive Health and Rights Policy Research". All these events are to take place from Wednesday
 30th, for the Launch, until December 2nd 2016, the rest of the time devoted to the symposium 
during which Prof. Ndavi will share the ACCAF activities with the symposium attendees. In 
attendance was also Secretary of State for Science Policy: Dr. Elke Sleurs, Human Reproduction
 Programme (WHO): Dr. Mozzam Ali, Director UNFPA Brussels Mrs. Sietske Steneker; and Secretary of
 the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development: Mr. Neil Datta



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