Advocating for the integration of FGM/C into university medical/public health curriculum

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Tue, 2017-09-26 11:24
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Silver Springs Hotel

A group photo of the participants of the two-day workshop held at Siver Springs Hotel, Nairobi.

A two-day workshop was held to draft a curriculum for medical and public health institutions in which 25 participants representing different institutions were in attendance. The workshop started by key note addresses made by ACCAF representatives and Prof. Fredrick Were the Dean Principal University of Nairobi College of Health Sciences which was followed by presentations detailing the overview of FGM/C touching different disciplines of Medicalization, Socio cultural aspects, legal aspects, strategies for abandonment and a survey of four institutions of higher learning.  In addition, a presentation by AMREF Africa on their curricula for primary and secondary schools was made outlining the content and processes.

Following this, plenary and group discussions were made on the presentations and the draft curriculum. A number of issues were raised during the group and plenary discussions that sought to further improve the draft curriculum. Some of the issues had to do with comments to improve the curriculum contents and to emphasize some contents deemed important. These include the need to revise the background and put the content into four sections namely definition and concepts, medical, social-cultural and legal. In addition, discussion focused on strengthening contents such to fit into the following selected schools; medical, nursing, public health and social sciences.

The discussion also focused on issues that need decision such as how to incorporate the topics in paediatrics since children are also involved, psychiatry and during internship, this was however clarified that internship is out of university mandate but on hospital. The other major issue was if the FGM/C curriculum to be a stand-alone course or integrated. It however emerged that this is the preserve of the university as the University of Nairobi medical curriculum is already jammed hence there is little to no chance of pushing the curriculum as a stand-alone but rather incorporate it in the existing courses. Institutions were at liberty to introduce it as stand-alone if their curriculum allows. Another one was a suggestion to introduce new curriculum in virtual format as Kenyatta University conducts some of its programs online.

Following the completion of the discussions, amendment’s and drafting of the list of programmes, courses, subjects, topics the workshop was closed by remarks made by Prof. Orina from Technical University of Kenya. In his remarks he acknowledged the active participation of the workshop attendants who have been well equipped with information the financial support of UNFPA Kenya and technical facilitation by ACCAF team who were very organized. He reiterated that the taskforce to review all the comments and incorporate the feedbacks in an appropriate and timely manner.

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